MCA Relief Loans

MCA Relief Loans

Reverse Consolidations: Best MCA Reverse Consolidation Options

Small business lending options aren’t always plentiful for today’s small businesses. Obtaining a loan from a conventional bank or SBA lender isn’t easy, with these institutions approving as few as 20% of small business loan applications. With that having been said, small businesses sometimes still need to obtain financing to help with working capital purposes. When a conventional lender declines to provide financing to a small business, they may have to search the alternative funding market for financing options.

One option that is quite easy for a small business to obtain is a financing product known as a merchant cash advance or business cash advance. While these funding options aren’t cheap, they can come in handy for a small business in need of immediate capital. But every now and then a small business may find their cash flow severely hampered by the stress multiple cash advances and will seek MCA consolidation options. For businesses in look for an option to help deal with this cash-crunch, an option could be a Reverse Consolidation. In this article we’ll look at how a reverse consolidation may help your small business.

MCA Relief Loans is a type of short-term business financing almost solely used for working capital purposes that involves the sale of some of the small business’s future revenue in return for immediate financing. MCA Relief Loans can range anywhere from 2-24 months, but most common terms usually go up to 12 months. After a small business is funded with the MCA Relief Loans, the funder will collect repayment by either splitting the small business’s merchant account revenue, or by pulling payments directly from the small business' bank account via Automated Clearing House.

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